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Settlement Agreements Solicitors in Sidcup, Bexley, Kent

If you are facing redundancy or are involved in a dispute with your employer, you may be asked by your employer to seek legal advice on and to sign a Settlement Agreement.  

At Woolsey Morris & Kennedy, we can provide all the advice and support you need to resolve problems with your employer. We know just how stressful this time can be; we spend a huge chunk of our lives at work, so when things go wrong, it can have a major impact on your personal wellbeing as well as putting your income at risk.

We have experience advising people about a wide range of employment law disputes, including dismissal, redundancy, pay issues, discrimination, bullying and harassment.

A Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) can be a good way of resolving a dispute swiftly and cost-effectively. By signing a Settlement Agreement, you can avoid having to take your complaint all the way to court or an Employment Tribunal, saving you considerable time and stress. Typically, the Agreement will formally end your employment and in return, your employer will agree to pay you compensation in addition to any other pay or benefits they owe you.

You are required to obtain independent legal advice on the agreement to protect your interests and to ensure the agreement is legally binding. Because of this, your employer will usually pay all of your legal fees.

As well as the standard terms about ending your employment, you can include all sorts of terms in your Settlement Agreement. For example, we often help people negotiate terms requiring their former employer to provide a good reference for their next job. However, in return, you will be required to agree to waive any legal claims meaning you can no longer take your case to an Employment Tribunal. So, getting the very best advice can really pay off.

Contact our Settlement Agreement solicitors in Sidcup, Bexley and Kent

To make an appointment or to find out more about our specialist employment law solicitors in Bexley, Sidcup and Kent, give us a call or email us at enquiries@wmk-law.com. Alternatively, fill in our short online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch in due course.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

Settlement Agreements are used by employers to settle disputes with their employees.

When you sign a Settlement Agreement, it ensures that you cannot bring any claims against your employer in court or the Employment Tribunal, now or in the future. In return, the employer will agree to pay compensation, as well as other benefits such as an agreement to provide a reference for your next job.

The benefit to your employer is that they can resolve the dispute without having to go through lengthy, expensive legal proceedings. Even paying for your legal fees and compensation is cheaper for them. For this reason, employers are often very open to negotiations. By signing a Settlement Agreement, the employer may also be willing to pay much more than settling a dispute without one.

We have wide-ranging experience of advising on Settlement Agreements. We take the time to advise you on the terms of the Settlement Agreement to ensure you understand exactly what you are signing and what legal rights you are giving up by signing the Agreement.

Although our fees may be paid by your employer, we represent you. We will always act in your best interests and work towards the most positive outcome for you.

Do you have to sign a Settlement Agreement?

No, your employer cannot force you to sign an Agreement.

It can be nerve-wracking to agree to waive your rights to bring an Employment Tribunal claim. However, most claims do not reach the Tribunal stage anyway. In fact, it is often a good idea to avoid the Tribunal if possible because it can be an unnecessarily long and difficult process. So, making a Settlement Agreement can often be the most effective way to avoid this eventuality.

We will always provide practical advice about whether entering into the Settlement Agreement offered by your employer is in your best interests. That way, you can make an informed and confident decision about whether to sign the Agreement.

Can you ask your employer for a Settlement Agreement?

Yes, you can ask to settle your dispute by way of a Settlement Agreement. Your employer does not have to agree, but in our experience it is often in a business’s commercial interests to try to settle the dispute quickly, so there’s a decent chance they will accept.

Are Settlement Agreements legally binding?

Yes, so long as certain requirements are met, such as:

  • You have received independent legal advice
  • The Agreement has been entered into voluntarily
  • It is in writing
  • Both parties have signed it

Speak to our Settlement Agreement solicitors in Sidcup, the London Borough of Bexley, Kent

To make an appointment or to find out more about our specialist employment law solicitors in Bexley, Sidcup and Kent, give us a call or email us at enquiries@wmk-law.com. Alternatively, fill in our short online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch in due course.


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Our Settlement Agreement service includes:

  • Advice on the terms of the settlement including the meaning and implications of the document
  • Taking you through the agreement line by line
  • Finalising the settlement agreement, where appropriate, with signatures