Lamorbey House, Sidcup

Lamorbey House, Sidcup


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Unregistered Land

Land which was has been owned for a significant period of time may not be registered with the Land Registry.

If you are considering selling, leasing, mortgaging or otherwise dealing with your property, having the property registered will be a vital step in preparation.

Woolsey Morris & Kennedy’s team can assist you with having your land registered for the first time, which may include considering deeds and documents, advising you on your possible obligations contained within the documents. We will assist you in putting together all relevant documents to piece together the history of your property and prove your legitimate ownership of the property to the Land Registry.

Woolsey Morris & Kennedy’s team can assist you with any concerns you may have as to missing documents or documents which are unaccounted for and will be on hand to guide you through the process.

In some circumstances, where you can show you have utilised a piece of land for a considerable period of time, you may be able to claim the land as yours which is known as adverse possession. Our team can also help you with these applications.


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