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Contractual Disputes Solicitors in Sidcup, Bexley and Kent

We know how difficult it can be when you have a contractual dispute with another party. We will provide comprehensive advice on your options and risks of pursuing a claim in plain English.

If you have a claim and decide to pursue the claim we have the expertise to take your claim through all stages from setting out you claim to the other side, to dealing with settlement negotiations, to taking you through the mediation process, where applicable and to taking you through the Court process, if necessary.

Our service includes:

  • Advice on liability
  • Advice on the value of claim
  • Advice on methods of pursuing the contractual dispute claim
  • Advice on settlement
  • Advice on the court process

Why WMK is the right choice for contract dispute resolution:

  • Decades of specialist experience dealing with a wide range of contract disputes
  • Plain English advice on your legal position and options
  • Sensible, cost-effective solutions
  • Strong expertise in alternative dispute resolution to remove unnecessary conflict
  • Transparent, flexible fee options to match your circumstances

Speak to our contract disputes solicitors in Sidcup, the London Borough of Bexley, Kent

For expert advice on contract dispute resolution, please feel free to speak in confidence to one of our team now by calling 020 8300 9321 or emailing enquiries@wmk-law.com.

Types of contract disputes we can assist with

Our civil litigation team’s expertise covers a wide range of different types of contract disputes, including:

  • Disputes over contracts for goods and services
  • Building contract disputes
  • Breach of credit hire agreements
  • Personal guarantee disputes
  • Loan agreement disputes
  • Warranty claims

Our contract dispute resolution services

Advice on the terms of a contract & your legal position

The first step in any contract dispute should be to make sure you are clear about your rights and obligations under the terms of the contract and how those relate to your dispute. Often contracts can be very complicated with significant room for confusion and ambiguity, which is often the reason for disputes.

Our contract lawyers can review your contract for you and give clear advice in plain English on the terms. We can then explain your legal position in relation to your dispute, your options for seeking a resolution and the likely outcome of different approaches.

Seeking an early resolution to your contract dispute

In most cases, contract disputes can be resolved swiftly and cost-effectively without the need for court proceedings. Our team can advise on options such as informal negotiations with the other party or parties involved, as well as assist with drafting a ‘letter before action’.

Whatever approach you decide to take, we can help you to set out your position, the outcome you are seeking and the actions you will take if a satisfactory outcome cannot be agreed. Often this is all that is required to prompt the other party or parties to seek an amicable resolution.

Taking a contract dispute to court

Should court proceedings be needed, we will advise you on how this works, the potential outcomes and the likely costs involved. We will always ensure that any course of action we suggest is in your best interests and the time, cost and stress involved does not outweigh the outcome you are seeking.

Our contract disputes solicitors can help you to prepare your care, make the necessary court applications and ensure you have the best possible representation for any hearings that take place. We will also provide close personal support for what can be a challenging process.

Our contract disputes fees & funding

Fixed fee contract dispute resolution

Where appropriate, we may be able to offer fixed fees for dealing with certain stages of the dispute resolution process, e.g. drafting a letter before action. This can give you certainty over the costs involved, so you can be confident the action you are taking remains proportionate to the value of the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

Hourly rates for contract dispute resolution

Where you require ongoing support to deal with a contract dispute, we will typically charge according to a fixed hourly rate. This rate will depend on the level of expertise required to effectively support you and give you the best chance of securing the outcome you seek.

Get in touch with our contractual disputes solicitors in Sidcup

If you would like more information about contract dispute resolution or you would like to set up an initial appointment, please contact our team:

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Our service includes:

  • Advice on liability
  • Advice on the value of claim
  • Advice on methods of pursuing the contractual dispute claim
  • Advice on settlement
  • Advice on the court process